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By Roland E. Williams

You can hear the whales out there,

When you lay in bed at night,

The old woman said, and smiled.

They play freely while we sleep.

And so, I listened, and heard

The sound of the whales at sea,

Just out there right off the coast

Not for long. And then I slept

The rich have come once again.

You can hear them partying

Until late, even till dawn,

The officer said, and sighed.

And so, the young are pulled in.

Warning them has never helped.

Yeah, sinning comes so easy.

And so, too, come death and jail.

Now, numerous years later,

I no longer hear the whales,

I cannot see her smile now,

For she’s no longer with us.

The officer has retired,

His words still remain empty.

And even sinning has changed,

It is, now, so much easier


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