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Greetings, I am Faye-Chantelle Mondesir, Publisher in Chief of In The SpotLyght Feature Magazine. I am a Senior Writer and Editor of this magazine and hope you gain much value through reading the features in this Magazine. Our entertaining features are meant to positively engage you in your leisure time. Have fun, while you gain knowledge and inspiration here. Thank you for visiting this digital publication.

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Faye-Chantelle Mondesir is the Publisher in Chief of The (Global) Holistic Life Portal Magazine, In The SpotLyght Global Feature Magazine and C.E.O. of the U-SOL Centre Business Group. The dynamic group of companies is headed by parent company Unveiling Solutions & Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront (U-SOL) and features a global comprehensive life hub, The (Global) Holistic Life Portal.


Though a multiskilled businesswoman — her main professional portfolio is that of Business, Management & Accounting — which she studied in the United Kingdom, where she resided during her early adult life. The young professional usually functions in the capacity of Brand, Marketing & Communications Director for businesses and organisations, contributing to daily operations. She facilitates their General Management, Corporate Executive, International Communication, among other needs.

Her portfolio additionally requires her to operate as an International Business Advisor — providing much-needed professional Administrative support. Ms. Mondesir’s other skills include Professional Web & Graphic Development, Graphic Design, Media Production, Professional Writing/ Editing and Entertainment Co-ordination.


Apart from her extensive Hospitality experience in excess of seventeen years — having worked in a managerial capacity at a few hotels, Ms. Mondesir has established an impressive media history. She worked as a Journalist (Reporter/ Writer), Digital Content Manager and 2Nite Magazine Editor for The STAR Publishing.


While employed at this prestigious media house which was ranked as the most respected, trusted, credible and professional on island at that time — she was privileged to be entasked with the responsibility of producing newspaper articles on a weekly basis. Additionally, her job also entailed publishing the collective newspaper content to the renown media company’s popular website, within her capacity as Digital Content Manager. The young Writer’s work was accessible to global readers via her personal column — displayed alongside that of Rick Wayne (Editor in Chief) and Toni Nicholas (Editor) of the STAR Newspaper.


The creative visionary proceeded to work in the capacity of an ICT Supervisor at a prominent technological company — later transitioning, assuming the portfolio of General Manager of former, highly rated radio station, Kairi FM Saint Lucia. Her final employment engagement was that of presenter at RFI 102.1 FM — as co-host of an engaging local, regional and internationally-centred music and entertainment show.


The climax of Ms. Mondesir’s colourful and fulfilling career was realised when she officially registered her business group and dove full-throttle into the world of business. This was the fulfillment of her dream, birthed in 2011. She recalls how she began investing monthly and paying her way forward — propelled by the unwavering inspiration to manifest her goals. This was her modus operandi for seven years, while engaged in gainful employment.

Miss Mondesir continues to operate as a productive, innovative business woman — consistently nurturing and cultivating her group of companies, while actively expanding her horizons. A pioneer in her field, she is passionate about the service industry — with a keen focus on facilitating the needs of the general public, particularly corporate professionals, business, enterprise, brand and organisation proprietors.


The ingenious professional Executive’s innate caring personality is complemented by her acute business foresight and fortified by the river of unconventional, transformative ideas which propel her business group. These strengths have positioned her at the pinnacle of her market niche, as a natural game changer within the industries she operates. She has amassed a wealth of diverse, invaluable experience within key industries over the years. The mover and shaker has successfully executed her portfolio responsibilities within Management, Marketing, Reservations, Customer Service, Event Planning among other leading, sought-after fields.

Miss Faye-Chantelle Mondesir is a fervent believer in never remaining stagnant or comfortable — but rather, routinely introduces new and futuristic deluxe services and quality products which improve her client offering. Constantly implementing more effective business strategies — while adapting to her globally diverse customer demographic and evolving with time, are of paramount importance to her.

The ambitious, committed, highly focused and very passionate young woman continues to build upon her vision daily — with the aim of providing nothing short of impeccable stellar services and premium products to every one of her business clients and customers.

Building an excellent team of individuals who resonate with her transcendental philosophies — while reflecting her high, uncompromised standards and discipline, is equally as important. The business group owner recognises the value of the human resource and the significance of team contributions.

She truly believes that her clients deserve distinguished service and the very best products available on the market. It is this unfailing spirit of excellence which enables her to ceaselessly improve and expand — ensuring that her brands continue to exceed the expectations of the people she assists on a daily basis.

While her discipline and dedication contribute to her overall success in the business world, she recognises that no task is achievable void of the Creator. Miss Mondesir is pleased to positively impact those she serves and is committed to improving lifestyles. Her mission is to add significant value to the lives of people within a range of worldwide target groups. From her perspective, her clients’ expressed satisfaction is indicative of business prosperity, as equilibrium is maintained.

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